Field Force Automation - Public Utility

Public utility operations are never constrained between office walls. Directing and monitoring field colleagues - meter readers, maintenance crew, and sales agents - proves to be an ever increasing challenge.

Market competetiveness and costumer satisfaction can be increased by providing the field workforce with efficient, modern tools supporting their daily routines - especially if these tools also fulfill controlling and monitoring purposes.

FusionR SFA functions

Mobile customer care

Access and modify consumer data and contracts. Access metering and account balance information. Supporting customer service procedures, filling forms, complaint management. Location, time, and customer-based discount management.

Meter reading

Meter reading and recording, seal checking, barcode-based meter identification, support for smart metering devices. Photo proofing and uploading to central database.

Field work

Central dispatching of tasks. Recording tecnical data, location inspection, property appraisal, support for technical administration. Editable, centrally managed forms. Electronic document management for technical data sheets, contracts, maps, or location drawings.


Route-optimized tour plans can be used to save time and fuel costs. Using the mobile devices' integrated GPS hardware, location can also be monitored.

Electronic documents

Devices with decently sized displays can easily provide access to centrally maintained documents like contracts, technical drawings, or location maps. Paperless procedures are full supported by the system to lower the eco-footprint.

Photo documentation

Necessary photo proof can be snapped with the devices' integrated camera. GPS location and meta tags are supported, pictures can be stored with the related cases in one, central database.

Without network coverage

FusionR SFA automatically switches to off-line mode with locally stored data until a connection is available, providing business continuity.

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