Sales Force Automation - Pharmaceutical sales

Pharmaceutical sales representatives manage customer relations, contracts, and sales. It's also their job to channel information, and promote products.

Efficiency can be increased by providing them with a comfortable device supporting their daily routines. With FusionR SFA-MR, field work can also be controlled and monitored.

FusionR SFA functions

Partner relations

Pharmacies, doctor's offices and hospitals can be managed with all respective doctors and pharmacists. FusionR SFA-MR is able to provide location, time, and customer-based tasks and information - like product change notices, price changes, discounts and promotions. Contracts can be viewed and edited as necessary.

Electronic documents

With decently sized displays, electronic brochures and product information can be presented to the doctors and pharmacists. Electronic questionnairies and forms are also supported.

Sales order processing

FusionR SFA provides exact stock information and pricing when taking sales orders. It also calulates with complex discounts and promotions.

Sales order tracking

The partner's previous orders can be monitored - status and compilance can be checked. POS material placement and promotion compilance can be tracked as well.


Sales representatives can monitor their own performance. Using the central server applications, live management reports are also available.


Route-optimized trip plans can be used to save time and fuel costs. Using the mobile devices' integrated GPS hardware, locations can also be monitored.


FusionR SFA has industry standard interfaces to provide integration towards other enterprise business applications. These interfaces can also be used to provide data towards authorities.

Without network coverage

FusionR SFA automatically switches to off-line mode with locally stored data until a connection is available, providing business continuity.

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