FusionR SFA - Operational CRM system

R&R Software's FusionR SFA operational CRM system builds upon state of the art technology, and the mobile business experience gathered since 2002. As a mobile enterprise application utilizing smartphones and tablets, it enables profound controlling and support functions over your company's field colleagues. FusionR SFA remains fully operational even without mobile data coverage, made possible by automated data replication protocols.


Field support

FusionR SFA provides centrally maintaned information and task management for field colleagues through the client devices. Customer data, account and stock information are available at a touch of a button.


FusionR SFA was designed with enterprise application integration in mind. Utilizing industry standard common databases and interfaces, it can either be a part of an already existing IT system, or operate as a standalone solution.

Central control

With FusionR SFA, field operations are organized and monitored centrally, while collected data is gathered and consolidated in one, common data warehouse. Opening a myriad of analytical and data mining possibilities, both FusionR SFA's integrated reporting tools and third party business intelligence or enterprise performance management systems can be used.


Trip plans generated by FusionR SFA can be loaded directly in the devices' mapping and navigation software. GPS position data can be logged and monitored.

With network coverage...

FusionR SFA compresses and encrypts data to generate the least possible amount of network traffic to lower operating costs. Mobile data connection is available through EDGE, 3G, LTE, or WiFi networks.

...and without signal

FusionR SFA ensures business continuity when no mobile data coverage is available. The system automatically switches to local, off-line operation until synchronization becomes possible.


FusionR SFA processes barcodes and QR codes using the devices' integrated camera. For devices without autofocus lenses, a seperate, wireless reader can be used.

Visual data

FusionR SFA collects and organizes photo, video or voice footage linked with the leads and customers managed in the system. Meta tagging is also supported for easier search.

Small and mid-size business

FusionR SFA is available for small and mid-size businesses - typically with less than twennty users - as a boxed solution.

Large business

For large businesses - typically with more than one hundred users - FusionR SFA is available as a full scale implementation project, complete with scoping, functional specification, customization, and support phases. For detailed information and free consultation, please enquire using our provided contact form.

Preservation of value

FusionR SFA's editable forms and integrated business process management tools enable customers to quickly adapt to changing business requirements without R&R Software's support. This way, the system is able to keep it's value on the long run.