Sales Force Automation and CRM - FMCG Factory

Manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) use extensive distribution channels with numerous participants to meet consumer requirements.

Overseeing and operating these distribution channels is no small challenge - making it more efficient greatly increases competetiveness, while lowering overall response times. Exchanging paperwork to electronic documentation also lowers the eco-footprint.

FusionR SFA functions

Central control

Tasks can be dispatched to field sales and marketing colleagues centrally. Editable forms and data sheets can be rolled out in minutes. Collected field data can be evaluated using the server application's integrated reporting tools.

Trip planning

FusionR SFA provides planning and controlling functions over the field representatives - the integrated GPS hardware can even be used to log coordinates.

CRM functionality

FusionR SFA maintans customer data centrally - including contact data, agreements and contracts. Information is provided in accordance with the user account based access control.

Product monitoring

Monitoring functions for own and competitor products - including pricing, market penetration, point of sales, point of purchase. Complex distribution channel control.

Sales order tracking

Customer orders - status, compilance - can be monitored and tracked. Order suggestions can be generated based on historical data.


The field representatives' performance can be evaluated, efficiency can be increased by more precise planning.

KPI evaluation

Field colleagues can also track their own efficiency based on live data reports - sales and project plans can be compared with facts instantaneously.


Route-optimized trip plans can be used to save time and fuel costs. Using the mobile devices' integrated GPS hardware, locations can also be logged and monitored.

Electronic documents

Devices with decently sized displays can easily provide access to centrally maintained documents like brochures, or scanned paper contracts. Paperless procedures are fully supported by the system to lower the eco-footprint.

Photo documentation

Customer visits, sales and marketing campaigns may require picture proofing - which is fully supported by FusionR SFA, along with GPS metadata and tagging.

Without network coverage

FusionR SFA automatically switches to off-line mode with locally stored data until a connection is available, providing business continuity.

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