Field Force Automation - Field work

Field work - for example repair and installation services - occur in everyone's lives. Companies providing these services can greatly improve their efficiency by minimizing administration, and reducing paper based documentation in favor of electronic forms.

FusionR SFA functions

Central task management

Field colleagues can be dispatched through the FusionR SFA system - live GPS data can be used to organize them efficiently. Information necessary to carry out the tasks - like address, phone numbers, contracts, partner history - is also provided.

Electronic worksheets

FusionR SFA is able to automatically generate electronic worksheets, which can be modified and finalized on site. The integrated camera can be used for shooting and attaching photo documentation.


Field workforce colleagues can monitor their own performance. Using the central server applications, live management reports are also available.


Recieved addresses can be loaded directly in the mapping and navigation software. Workforce location can be logged and monitored via the integrated GPS hardware.

Without network coverage

FusionR SFA automatically switches to off-line mode with locally stored data until a connection is available, providing business continuity.


FusionR SFA has industry standard interfaces to provide integration with other enterprise business applications. These interfaces can also be used to provide data towards authorities.

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