Sales Force Automation - Financial and Insurance agents

Financial service provider - especially insurance - activity happens on the field in two typical cases: calulating quotes, issuing binders and contracts, and when investigating claims. Supporting these tasks requires the secure entry of large quantity data, and the ability to create quick calculations based on them. In turn, this provides higher customer satisfaction, and guarantees the adherence to company policies.

Modern information technology systems significantly lower the time spent with administration and paperwork. Customer relations become more transparent, and can be exploited to their full potential. Field operations can be managed centrally, agent and representative performance can be evaluated.

FusionR SFA functions


For simple products, quotes and binders can be created by filling out electronic forms - this can be done with using already existing customer data as well. For complex products, data sheets can be filled out electronically, and sent in for central calculations.

Customer relations

Customer data can be recorded and managed, history can be viewed. Contracts, quotes, binders and other documents can be displayed in accordance with user account based access control.

Claim assessment

Accomodated claims can be dispatched to field investigators centrally through the FusionR SFA system, which also provides them with all necessary documentation. Electronic claim forms and data entry are also provided.

Fraud detection

Data consolidated in FusionR SFA's data warehouse can help notably in detecting possible fraud attempts.

Photo documentation

Pictures necessary for quotes and claim assessments can be snapped with the integrated camera. Case-related photos can be uploaded with GPS coordinates and unique meta tags through FusionR SFA.


FusionR SFA encypts all forwarded data with AES és DES protocols to keep them away from prying eyes.

Enterprise application integration

FusionR SFA has industry standard interfaces to provide integration with other enterprise business applications. These interfaces can also be used to provide data towards authorities.

Without network coverage

FusionR SFA automatically switches to off-line mode with locally stored data until a connection is available, providing business continuity.

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